Movement assessment & retraining to empower.
TPM is dedicated to improving movement efficiency and as pioneers in “Movement Health,” they are committed to helping everyone move better, enjoy life and participate in activities they love. They supply personalized retraining programs guided by the world’s most insightful movement assessment system, blending functional biomechanics and neuroscience research for the best current practice.
Online assessment technology & movement education
TPM Pro: a subscription-based clinic ready system, enabling application of the movement science in practice. Become a Movement Health specialist; research-backed technology platform, allowing you to perform online movement assessments and retraining tailored to your clients.
Access thousands of retraining strategies to build robust and long-term movement health.
Empower your clients by supplying them with retraining programmes in video format that can be accessed on any devise. The catalogue is sorted by site, direction and threshold to easily match the results of the clients TPM report.